Top 10 Banks in Sri Lanka {Latest}

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka serves as the country’s central bank and exercises supervisory powers over its financial system. Established in 1950, it is sensible for the conduct of fiscal policy and oversight of banks in Sri Lanka. As a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, the central bank is engaged in developing policies to assist financial inclusion.


1. Commercial Bank of Ceylon. Founded in 1920.

2. Sampath Bank Plc. Founded in 1986.

3. National Savings Bank. Founded in 1832.

4. People’s Bank. Founded in 1961.

5. Hatton National Bank. Founded in 1888.

6. Seylan Bank Plc. Founded in 1987.

7. National Development Bank Plc. Founded in 1979.

8. Amana Bank. Founded in 2009.

9. Nations Trust Bank Plc. Founded in 1999.

10. DFCC Bank. Founded in 1955.


      Commercial Bank of Ceylon: Established in 1920, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon produce different    banking products and services in Sri Lanka and Mumbai. It utilizes five segments: Personal Banking,            Corporate Banking, International Operations, Investment Banking, online banking, and Dealing and            Treasury.

      Sampath Bank Plc: Based out of Colombo, Sampath Bank Plc provides different banking and financial products and services in Sri Lanka and other countries. Incorporated in 1986, it controls a network of approximately 229 branches and 381 ATMs.As of December 31, 2016, the bank utilizes 475 conventional banking branches, including 18 sub-branches, 10 overseas branches, 153 Islamic banking branches, and a shoreward banking unit.

      National Savings Bank: Founded in 1832, National Savings Bank is one of the big oldest banks in Sri Lanka and serves its customers through 250 branches, 2,858 school bank units, and 279 ATMs, as well as a power network, including 651 post offices and 3,410 sub-post offices in Sri Lanka. Headquartered in Colombo, it operates around 4,300 staff.

      People’s Bank: Established in 1961, People’s Bank is one of the best state-owned banks in Sri Lanka. It s supply personal banking products and services, corporate banking services, treasury services, and development banking services, and online banking overseas customer services. It utilizes out of Colombo and employs around 11,200 individuals. The bank contains banking, leasing, travels, and other segments. It directs a network of 737 branches and approximately 506 ATMs.

      Hatton National Bank: Hatton National Bank provides banking and related services in Sri Lanka and other countries. Another of the big older banks in Sri Lanka, incorporated in 1888, it utilizes through five segments: Banking, Leasing/Hire Purchase, goods, Insurance, and Others. With surrounding 4,190 employees, it is headquartered in Colombo. It supervises 251 branches in Sri Lanka and 485 ATMs.

      Seylan Bank Plc: Established in 1987, Seylan Bank Plc supply commercial banking and related financial services in Sri Lanka. It utilizes through its Banking, Treasury, and Property/Investment segments. As of December 31, 2016, the bank directs a network of 166 branches, 202 ATMs, and 100 student savings centers. With about 3,165 employees, it is headquartered in Colombo City.

      National Development Bank Plc: Headquartered in Colombo, the National Development Bank Plc was included in 1979. The bank utilizes in four segments: Banking, Capital Markets, Property Investment, and Others. It utilizes around 4,000 people and directs a network of 105 branches and 117 ATMs. As of 2016, the total benefit of the bank was US$8.74 million and the net loss was US$0.14 million.

      Amana Bank: Founded in 2009, one of the newest and smallest banks in Sri Lanka, Amana Bank supply commercial banking services. It utilizes Consumer Banking, Business Banking, online banking, and Treasury segments. It has a great network of 28 branches and 31 ATMs. With about 742 employees, it is based out of Colombo.

      Nations Trust Bank Plc:  Nations Trust Bank Plc was official in 1999. The bank supplies products and services to individuals, corporate and institutional customers, and small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka. It utilizes rough Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, SME Banking, Leasing, Treasury Function, Investment Banking, Insurance Brokering, online banking, and Property Management segments. The bank utilizes around 2,300 staff and directs a network of 93 branches and 136 ATMs, serving about 609,000 customers.

      DFCC Bank: Founded in 1955, DFCC Bank supplies financial products and services in Sri Lanka. The bank utilizes a network of 88 branches and 50 service points, as well as about 3,600 ATMs. With about 1,409 employees, it is established out of Colombo. As of 2016, the bank’s total benefit were US$1.87 billion and net profit was US$21.89 million.