Top 10 Banks in Brazil {Latest }

The Central Bank of Brazil was started in May 1964. Acting as the central economic authority in the country, it oversees the working of banks in Brazil. The outlook for the Brazilian banking system is negative, due to the risk posed by the ongoing political instability on the financial fundamentals of banks in Brazil. For anyone considering a banking profession in Brazil, this list of top 10 banks in Brazil is a helpful information guide on where to start.

1. Banco do Brasil. Founded in 1808.

2. Banco Bradesco. Founded in 1843.

3. Banco Safra. Founded in 1955.

4. Banco Santander Brasil. Founded in 1985.

5. Banco Votorantim. Founded in 1988. 

6. Caixa Economica Federal. Founded in 1861.

7. Itau Unibanco. Founded in 1945. 

8. BNDES. Founded in 1952.

9. BTG Pactual. Founded in 1983.

10. Banrisul. Founded in 1928.

      Banco do Brasil: Established in 1808, Banco do Brasil is one of the oldest, and biggest, banks in Brazil. It supplies banking products and facilities to individuals, companies, and the government. The bank is headquartered in Brasilia and employs around a million individuals. It works 5,440 branches and 66,500 facility points and serves about 64 million clients.

      Banco Bradesco: Banco de Bradesco was founded in 1843. It supplies a wide range of banking products and facilities to individuals, businesses, and institutions. With about 110,000 workers, the bank works out of Osasco. It maintains a network of 5,314 retail and prime branches, and 3,821 facilities points, and serves about 73 million clients.

      Banco Safra: Established in 1955, Banco Safra is part of the Safra Group of banks and commercial institutions. It supplies commercial banking facilities such as real estate loans, foreign exchange, underwriting, and leasing facility. Based in Sao Paulo, it engages around 6,732 workers. Banco Safra also provides services related to asset control, insurance works, stock brokerage, and revenues operations.

     Banco Santander Brasil: Banco Santander Brasil was started in 1985. The bank works through financial and Global Wholesale banking segments. With about 50,000 workers, it is head office in Sao Paulo. It serves about 34.3 million clients and works around 3,700 branches and service centers.

     Banco Votorantim: Founded in 1988 as a securities dealer, Banco Votorantim started working as one of the banks in Brazil in 1991. It works as a secondary of Banco do Brasil S.A. and Votorantim Finanças S.A. and control nine service points. The bank supplies wholesale banking, consumer finance, and wealth control services. It is built in Sau Paulo and has about 4,000 workers.
     Caixa Economica Federal: Caixa Economica Federal the older banks in Brazil. It was established in 1861. The bank provides banking products and services to individuals, companies, and institutions in Brazil. Headquartered in Brasilia, it has around 109,333 employees. The bank operates 4,200 retail and prime branches, 60,000 service points, and serves around 87 million clients.

     Itau Unibanco: Itau Unibanco works as a wholesale investment and institutional revenue bank. Head office in Sau Paulo, the bank also controls a presence in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, England, USA, Japan, China. and the United Arab Emirates. The bank was established in 1945 and was built as a result of the merger between two major banks in Brazil – Banco Itau and Unibanco. It engages about 80,871 staff in Brazil and controls 4,981 branches and customer service branches, as well as 46,965 ATMs.

    BNDES: Founded in 1952, the Brazilian Development Bank is one of the main supplies of long-term financing in the country. It supplies banking products and facilities to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The bank works out of Osasco and engages about a million total staff.

    BTG Pactual: Head office in Sau Paulo, BTG Pactual is a secondary of BTG Pactual Holding S.A. Founded in 1983, the bank supplies commercial products and facilities in Brazil and other countries.

    Banrisul: Established in 1928, Banrisul is the biggest bank in southern Brazil. It supplies commercial products and facilities such as personal loans, real estate loans, and long-term financing, using its own reserve and funding from the government companies.