Top 10 Banks in Argentina {Latest}

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) was started in May 1935 with the motivations of upgrade cash and financial stability in the South American country. It is the apply and regulatory body that command the working of banks in Argentina.The top 10 banks in Argentina information here.

1. Banco Galicia. Founded in 1905.

2. Banco de la Nacion Argentina. Founded in 1891.

3. Banco Marco. Founded in 1988.

4. Banco Hipotecario. Founded in 1886.

5. Banco Patagonia. Founded in 1886.

6. Banco Provincia. Founded in 1822.

7. Banco Santander Rio. Founded in 1886.

8. BNP Paribas. Founded in 1981.

9. HSBC Bank. Founded in 1903.

10. ICBC. Founded in 1984.

Banco Galicia: Banco Galicia is the biggest of the private sector financial banks in Argentina. established in 1905, the bank provides financial facilities to above nine million separate and collective person. It offers different savings accounts, personal and mortgage loans, debit and credit cards, security boxes, asset guidance, and investment facility, as well as telephone, online, and SMS banking facility. It also supplies car, home, trade, property, retirement, and another insurance facility.

Banco de la Nacion Argentina: Established in 1891, Banco de la Nacion Argentina supply financial banking facility in the country. With about 18,000 workers, the bank is head office in Buenos Aires. In 2016, the bank appears a total benefit of US$31.31 billion and a net value of US$408 million.

Banco Marco: Banco Marco collect a license to the facility as one of the financial banks in Argentina in 1988. The bank supplies different financial products and facilities to separate and corporate persons in Argentina. It is head office in Buenos Aires and currently engages about 8,700 individuals. As of 2016, the total profit of the bank signifies US$8.56 billion and the net benefit captured US$351 million.

Banco Hipotecario: Founded in 1886, Banco Hipotecario provides banking and related commercial facility to person, small and medium company, and business in Argentina. Head office in Buenos Aires, the bank focal point on real estate lending. It currently engages about 2,000 staff.

Banco Patagonia: Banco Patagonia was founded in 1886. As of December 31, 2016, the bank work a network of 179 branches, 17 client facility centers, and four companies, as well as 568 ATMs and 357 self-service concluding. The corporation is head office in Buenos Aires, with about 3,500 workers at present.
Banco Provincia: Established in 1822, Banco Provincia work as a public bank. Head office in Buenos Aires, Banco Provincia is one of the big five banks in Argentina. It provides current and savings accounts, loans, credit and debit cards, online banking investments, mutual funds, lines of credit, foreign trade, SME banking, agricultural banking, and other facilities.

Banco Santander Rio: Established in 1886, Banco Santander Rio is incidentally managed by Banco Santander SA. The bank supply different commercial products and facility to person and business person, as well as the small and medium-sized company in Argentina. It also provides life and victim products. The bank owns some subsidiaries, counting Santander Rio Valores SA.

BNP Paribas: Established in 1981, BNP Paribas is a secondary of BNP Paribas SA. The bank supplies corporate and interest banking, asset control, retail banking, and security, and insurance facility. With about 9,500 workers, the corporation is head office in Buenos Aires.

HSBC Bank: HSBC Bank Argentina S.A. was founded in 1903. The bank received savings and time deposit accounts and provide personal and join loans. It is a secondary of HSBC Argentina Holdings S.A. The corporation distributes 1.2 million consumers and engages about 4,500 staff.

ICBC: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. is a secondary of the factory and financial Bank of China Limited. Established in 1984, the bank is head office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It supplies different commercial products and facilities in Argentina and China and works a network of 104 branches.